Agriculture Frac Tanks

At ABS Oilfield Supply, we’re the premier provider for high-quality frac tanks available in various sizes and shapes, depending on the processes you need to take care of. A popular industry that often utilizes our storage tanks includes the farming and agriculture area. In this case, agriculture frac tanks are used for various tasks in an agricultural setting, whether it be the storage of products and materials or processing for later uses. No matter the need, at ABS Oilfield Supply, we have frac tanks to help with all your tasks.

There are many processes one could use our agricultural frac tanks for. Some of the primary uses include:

Water Storage

Whether you raise animals on your farm or need a large amount of stored freshwater for other reasons, we have the agriculture frac tanks for you. This is the easiest and economical way to store and maintain your freshwater in a single place.

Manure Storage

Coming in very handy for farmers who raise animals, our agricultural frac tanks are perfect for storing and processing liquid manure, while saving time by loading your spreader straight from the tank.

Chemical Storage

Many different chemicals are used commonly in an agricultural setting, whether it be fertilizers, herbicides/pesticides, or other fluids. These tanks work great to store your bulk chemicals throughout the year.

Diesel Storage

The fuel that makes a farm run, agricultural processes often rely strongly on diesel fuel to run their tractors, trucks, and other machinery. Having a supply of diesel means you stay moving.


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